CounterSet makes it simple to create secure, mobile first websites for products.

Create captivating content

Engage your customers with product images, video and Augmented Reality content.

Prove authenticity

Prove to your customers that they are buying an authentic product with unique item level verification.

Demonstrate compliance

Easily add batch level regulatory and safety information to every SKU for every jurisdiction.

Authorized stockists

Add a map of authorized stockists near the customer’s current location for convenient re-ordering.

Beyond the label

Extend your labels by adding step-by-step video instructions, recipes and coupons.

Social integration

Social integration allows customers to share and interact with your brand after purchase.

Powerful analytics and creation tools.

Identify patterns in purchase activity

CounterSet tracks consumer scans of your products, letting you see SKU interest in real-time, down to the individual customer level.

Geo-location of customer scans lets you discover customer hotspots and determine which stores should be stocking your products.

Create product websites easily with no code required

CounterSet gives your team the ability to build a new product website for every SKU without code or developers.

Build and deploy detailed smart labels instantly with label templates.

  • Promote in-store with video and photo galleries
  • Engage customers with Augmented Reality content
  • Create detailed tables and charts
  • Attach files and photos
  • Build maps and links for re-ordering
  • Talk in your customer's language with label translations

Scale to thousands of SKUs effortlessly

CounterSet Batch functionality lets you create millions of unique codes with just a few clicks. Use unique codes to identify counterfeiting and gray market distribution, with minimal changes to your supply chain.

Attach and change supply chain information for each individual code or batch. Prove to your customers and to regulators, that your product is safe and authentic.

Dynamic Labelling

CounterSet batch codes let you modify your product packaging dynamically at any time.

  • Modify brand strategy in real time
  • Open up foreign markets
  • Adapt to changing regulations
CounterSet Verified

CS Verified is a cryptographically verifiable audit trail for CounterSet powered by Amazon Quantum Ledger.

  • Prove and validate data integrity
  • Secured product provenance
  • Detailed change history
API and POS integration

CounterSet can be integrated directly into POS and backend systems for additional protection and reporting.

  • Mark shipped products as sold
  • Improve demand forecasting
  • Connect ERP and analytics tools
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